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How to Make Really Good Coffee at Home

The art of making a good coffee depends on the right choice of coffee beans. Freshly brewed coffee comes from good quality whole beans, gathered directly from the tree, and directly dried and kept fresh away from air.

In making really good coffee always make sure you have the exact amount of the medium grind beans in high, boiling water to bring out the best aromatic smell of the granules. The beans should be whole and freshly roasted before grounding. Smell the granule to make sure it emits the aromatic fumes.

How to make coffee at home without a coffee maker

All you need to do is to prepare the freshly ground coarse coffee of at least a tablespoon is to a cup of water. Make sure the boiling water hits the ground coffee directly. Let it stay for a minute, and after a minute stir the water and leave it for 4 more minutes to let the granules settle down.

It is an option for you to have it continuously left in a hot pot over the fire boiling with unlimited serving but make sure to stick to the best ratio of at least 1 is to 1. One tablespoon to 1 cup of water.

Benefits of caffeine:

Coffee has the main content of caffeine. Caffeine, when taken, will give your body alertness.  When caffeine reaches your brain cells it will trigger awakeness, thus giving you a feeling-good sensation which will result in a good work attitude. The positive effect on your health.

French Press:

French press is commonly used when you are fond of having a quickly brewed coffee anywhere you go. I am using the French press in the office to get an easy preparation of a brewed coffee in the office. This is easy to use and very handy. You can check out the nearest stores which cater to some brands as well. I found this better compared to using a paper filter. It does not alter the taste. A really good step to get the best coffee.

In general coffee ha a very remarkable good effect on the totality of our health especially to the heart by giving alertness and good heartbeat among others.

Happy brewing, to a good life!

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