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How to Make Good Coffee at Home

How to make good coffee at home To make good coffee out to have it. To make good coffee at home, all you need are, a cup, hot water, sugar/jaggery, and of course ground coffee. There are three usual ways to make coffee at home. Let’s find out how to make good coffee at home with all three methods with these easy steps. I recommend about 15 grams of ground coffee for a cup of coffee. For four cups of coffee, it’s about 60 grams of ground coffee Pour Over Coffee: This is the best method for a tasty, aromatic and complex cup of coffee, this method won’t disappoint you. Firstly, you’ve to bring boiled water in a kettle. If you’re using whole beans, grind the beans to equal consistency similar to crushed breadcrumbs, then put a filter in the brewer and wash with hot water so that it’ll remove the papery residue on the filter and warms up the brewer, it help to keep your coffee hot for longer. Then add the grounds to the filter, make sure the surface is level. When the water is about a minute after removal from heat, slowly and steadily pour just enough water over the grounds to thoroughly soaked them completely, starting from the middle and working your way outward. Stop pouring before the coffee begins to drip through, which is allowing the coffee to de-gas, again slowly pour in the remaining water, keeping the water in the dripper between half and three-quarters full. then carefully remove the filter, then serve and enjoy having the perfect cup of coffee. French press coffee Another delicious way to make coffee, For this, bring boiled water in a kettle. Grind the beans, it should be in uniformity. When the water is about a minute after removal from heat, add it to the French press then stir it vigorously into the grounds. Then brew for about 4 minutes, then slowly plunge the press, strain the grounds from the coffee. Here you are, the perfect coffee, serve and enjoy. Drip Coffee Grind the beans to a uniform consistency similar to granulated table salt. Transfer the grounds into a filter, then place in the drip machine. Swivel water spout over the center of the grounds., then pour pure water into the back of the machine and press the on button. Then turn off the machine as soon as the coffee is done brewing, it will stop bubbling when brewed, to avoid a burnt taste. Be sure to clean your machine once a month by filtering through a mixture of water and vinegar, which removes any built-up residue. You can now realize making a good cup of coffee at home is easy as watering your garden. In the morning, making a good cup of coffee at home and having it, can set the mood for your whole day. Make coffee at home by yourself and have it, is great thing than going out to have it.

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