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How to Make Coffee at Home without Coffee Maker

Hi guys, today I am going to share a recipe on how to make a coffee at home without coffee maker. It is very simple and effective way to make coffee at home. Mostly, these days, people resort to coffee makers and spend dollars in purchasing a coffee maker online. So if you don’t want your coffee drinking habit to be heavy on your pocket follow these instructions on how to make coffee at home without coffee maker. But before we start let me tell you why it is not suggestive to use a coffee maker. Cons of using a French press: It requires careful time allotment as you need to give full attention on pressure, water amount, temperature etc and you can’t just leave it and do other stuff. Disposal of coarse grains is also difficult Cons of using a pour- over: It’s very cumbersome to wash the vessel and for that you will need a long brush. Cons of using Capsule machine: The taste of coffee is worsened by the machine. It might be choking the earth. Cons of using a drip machine: The coffee tatses “off” and you would not be able to figure out why. Mould grows if by mistake you leave some coffee on the. Filter. Cons of using an aseopress: Specific sized filters are needed. Only a small single cup of coffee can be made at a time. Cons of using a Siphon: Cleaning is very intense. Special filters and butane heaters are required. Time consuming as you can’t let it work on its own. Now without wasting any time, let’s get the coffee brewing 1) Heat some small amount of water in a container. 2) pour half a cup of hot water in an empty cup. 3) Add 1-2 tablespoon of coffee powder or as you desire. 4) Mix vigorously using a spoon until it becomes frothy. 5) Add sugar according to your taste. 6) Add some more hot water to it if you are a black coffee person or add milk if you are not. 7) Your awesome homemade frothy coffee is ready. So here you just learnt how to make coffee at home without coffee maker. You can impress your date anyday with such coffee making skill at home as she/he would be amazed to see that you did what only few are able to do in this time of machines that is making a coffee at home without using a coffee maker. This coffee will taste a lot better than using any coffee maker. You wonder why? Because it’s your hardwork that add to the taste. Make sure you have a good company to drink along. Coffee tastes better with another coffee lover. Boast of your skills in your friends and colleagues parties and enjoy all the appreciation. Don’t forget to share. Let us know if you like this simple coffee recipe or not by commenting below.

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